Murrain’s Truth

It’s less than a month now till LATE CHECKOUT is published. In the meantime, I thought I’d give you the chance to get to know DCI Kenny Murrain and some of his colleagues. So in the next couple of days I’ll be publishing a small collection of short stories about Murrain under the slightly ambiguous title of MURRAIN’S TRUTH.

Here’s the terrific cover again designed by those excellent people at Books Covered. If you’d like a brief sample, go here.


‘Late Checkout’ now available for pre-order

Well, the exciting news (for me, anyway) is that Late Checkout is now available for pre-order in advance of the official publication date of 9th June.

Here’s the blurb…

            “DCI Kenny Murrain sees, hears and feels things that others do not. It’s a gift but also a curse.

            When he wakes to the phantom sound of screaming he knows a murder has been committed but not where or why.

            Then a woman’s body is found in a Stockport hotel room. It’s a murder that seems both frenzied and carefully planned, the scene expertly cleansed of any evidence.

            Over the following days, more bodies are discovered, first in an upmarket spa on the Pennine moors, then in a run-down budget hotel on the outskirts of Manchester.

The same frenzied attacks, the same meticulous planning. The same killer.

            The victims all have links to one man, a police colleague with a dark past. But Murrain discovers a more unexpected connection—with Marie Donovan, a former undercover officer now part of Murrain’s own team.  

            As the killer closes in on a fourth victim, Murrain knows that time is running out. But the outcome will be more unexpected and more terrifying than even he can imagine…”

The book’s the start of a new series featuring DCI Kenny Murrain and a diverse support cast.  But Marie Donovan, the heroine of my previous Alex Walters books, plays a central role in the story and will be a continuing character in the series.  If you want to catch up with Marie’s back-story, the first two Marie Donovan books are both available – and currently at a decent bargain price on Kindle.  You can find them here and here.

Well, this is exciting…

As you’ll have seen, I’ve updated this blog – thought it was about time.  It won’t be the last change here, but I thought I should begin to introduce the new book, particularly as we now have the first sighting of the terrific cover designed by those good people at Books CoveredWalters_LateCheckout_EbookPretty good, eh?

The new book marks the return of Marie Donovan in a slightly different guise plus a new and intriguing lead character, DCI Kenny Murrain.  Who isn’t quite like other detectives… More to come soon.

Welcome back…

If you ever check back in here, you’ve probably assumed this blog’s been abandoned.  Well, it was, sort of, for a while because for a variety of reasons I didn’t have anything new out.  That’s a long story in itself, but to cut to the chase I’m planning to have a new book out in the next few months so I thought I’d make a tentative move back into the daylight.

If there’s anyone out there wondering what happened to Marie Donovan after Nowhere to Hide, well, the new book will tell you.  But, although Marie’s at the heart of the new book, it’s also the start of a new series with what I hope will be an intriguing lead character.

I’m also planning to launch a new—or at least revamped— website in the near future to help promote the new book, but in the meantime I’m going to recommence posting here again on a regular basis. Having been quiet for a while, I’ve got a lot of new material stockpiled so hope to make some of that available in various forms alongside the new book.  I’ll probably also take to rambling about a variety of random topics, the way I used to, so apologies for that in advance.

Anyway, all the news about the new book will be here first (at least until the new site’s operational) so please do keep checking back.  More soon…

The Blog Tour: A Few Words from Liam

Nowhere to Hide coverHi. My name’s Liam. You don’t know me.  Well, not unless you’ve read Trust No-One or Nowhere to Hide. Then you’ll know me a bit, though mainly from Marie’s point of view and I’m not sure how reliable that always is.  I don’t mean that she lies about me.  I’m just not sure that she knows me as well as she thinks she does, if you get my drift.

Anyway, my name’s Liam and I’m Marie Donovan’s boyfriend.  Or partner.  Or whatever the correct term is.  We live together, or at least we do when Marie’s not working at the other end of the country doing whatever it is that she does.  I mean, I know roughly what she does, working undercover.  But she’s not allowed to tell me all the details, obviously.  Which means that I don’t really know her, either. Or at least not as well as I once thought I did.

They’ve asked me to do an introduction to this series of interviews.  There’s been a blog tour, you see, and several very kind people have been hosting interviews with characters from Nowhere to Hide. Marie, and her boss, Hugh Salter.  And a couple of people she’s working with.  And her former both, Keith Welsby.  I quite liked Keith.  I mean, old-school, and you wouldn’t want to discuss politics with him, but he seemed quite straight.  Which is ironic, as things turned out.

The tour’s now finished so we thought we’d now post all the links here.  I’m not sure why they’ve asked me to write this introduction.  After all, I’m just Liam.  I know nothing that’s worth knowing.  I’m an artist, or at least that’s what I always wanted to me.  But, to be honest, I’m not sure that I ever really quite had the talent.  Not to make it big.  And now it’s too late.  I’m not well, and I’m not sure I’ll ever paint seriously again, even if Marie doesn’t quite realise it yet.

How did I get on to that?  I just meant to say a few bland words of introduction.  I’d better get on.  If I talk too much, I’ll probably end up saying things I regret.  About me.  Or about Marie.  Things I know that I probably shouldn’t.

So let’s just give you the links to the interviews.  First, with Marie.  (You’ll have to scroll down for that one).

She seems quite keen on that Brennan chap, doesn’t she? Not sure I fancy sharing a desert island with him.  What does he have to say for himself?


Hm.  Not exactly lacking in ego, if you want my opinion.  Who else is Marie working with?  Lizzie Carter, whoever she might be.

Not sure I’m any the wiser about Ms Carter, though it sounds as if there might be more too her than meets the eye.  Now we have Marie’s boss, the delightful Hugh Salter.  I’ve only met him once, but that was enough.  Wouldn’t trust him any further than I could throw him, which is my condition is no distance at all.

Hah. Yes, that sounds like Salter, all right.  A calculating cold fish with no discernible sense of humour.  The polar opposite of his predecessor, poor old Keith Welsby. Well, I say poor.  He’s had enough back-handers at least to keep himself well-stocked with beer, from what Marie tells me.  But he’ll take us out on a high note.

So that’s them.  Five characters in search of an author to tell their stories.  Six, if you count me.  But you shouldn’t.  Because I’m not part of the story.  Nobody’s watching me.

Thanks again to Leigh Russell, Sally Quilford, womagwriter, Cally Taylor and Deborah Carr for hosting the interviews.  You can still buy both the Kindle editions of Trust No One and Nowhere to Hide for about the price of one of Keith Welsby’s pints.