Late Checkout – out now (and a competition or two)

Walters_LateCheckout_Banner1-1Well, it’s finally here. Publication day. And to celebrate the publication of Late Checkout we have, not one, but two book giveaways for you.

We’re giving you two chances to win signed paperbacks of my first two Alex Walters novels, Trust No One and Nowhere To Hide.

In my previous post here, I set out a few quirky facts about Stockport, the setting for Late Checkout. To enter the competition, I just want you to leave a comment telling me the most obscure or interesting fact about your home town (or the town where you currently live).

You’ve got until the end of Sunday and we will pick a winner on Monday morning

On Helen M. Walters’s (relation) blog there is a separate competition where we are looking for your oddest or most humorous experience of staying in a hotel. Anything from fire alarms going off in the middle of the night, to locking yourself out of your room in your pyjamas (or worse still, I suppose, not in your pyjamas). You can find the blog post here.

Oh, and you can buy Late Checkout here. Did I mention that it’s out today?

For more news about Late Checkout don’t forget you can follow my Alex Walters Facebook page here, or follow me on Twitter at @MikeWalters60.

We are also having a Thunderclap to publicise the book on 14 June. For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, it’s just a way of getting as many mentions of the book on social media as possible at the same time in order to give the book a boost. It only takes a couple of clicks and just means that you’re allowing your FB and/or Twitter to put up a one off promotional post. If you’re willing to help, you can sign up here.

8 thoughts on “Late Checkout – out now (and a competition or two)

  1. I live in Chesterfield, which is famous for its Crooked Spire. It apparently got that way because the devil was being chased out of the area, and wrapped his tail around the spire to gain a foothold. It is also said that if a virgin marries in the spire it will straighten up in shock…

  2. I live in Boscombe, an eastern suburb of Bournemouth. We’re just along the road from Shelley Park, named for Shelley Manor which now houses a doctor’s surgery, dentist, masseur and other businesses. This was built by Percy Florence Shelley, son of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary Shelley author of Frankenstein. He built it for his mother who never actually lived there. That hasn’t stopped the early 20th century developers calling all the roads after the Shelleys and their mate Lord Byron!

    1. That’s very good – fascinating! I was brought up in Eastwood – D. H. Lawrence’s birthplace. The local Weatherspoon’s is, inevitably, The Lady Chatterley…

  3. As a native of Derbyshire, I’m making no comment on the likelihood of the spire ever being straightened… Thanks for the comment, Sally – very interesting!

  4. I live in Hitchin in Hertfordshire. There was a road in Hitchin that was once called Dead Street, because not a single person living there survived the plague of 1665. More cheerfully, the first translator of Homer, George Chapman, who was believed to be the rival poet in Shakespeare’s sonnets, was born and brought up here. The house is said to be now extremely haunted.

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