Nowhere to Hide

Just to remind you that Nowhere to Hide is now available from, as they say, all good bookshops.  You should also be able to find it, for a bargain price, alongside your grocery shop in Asda.  The Kindle version is flying moderately high in the charts, and you can also listen to the audio version, beautifully read by Mike Rodgers.

I’m more than a little excited to say that the book’s already had a terrific review on the Crimetime website from none other than the great Mark Timlin.  I was genuinely gobsmacked.  And also a very nice review in the Daily Mail, who described it as a ‘police procedural for a new age’.  Oh, and there’s also an interview with me on the Morgen Bailey blog, which will tell you everything you ever wanted to know and probably a lot more.

And, if that’s not enough, I’ve also been slightly disconcerted (as you may well be) to see my face plastered all over the current edition of Writers’ Forum magazine.  That’s bound to shift a few units.  And it certainly made the checkout man in Smith’s do a double-take when I bought a copy.


Nowhere to Hide

Wow.  Just received advance copies of Nowhere to Hide from those good people at Avon.  Looks terrific!  Out on 22 November, and the Kindle edition is currently available for pre-order for the frankly ridiculous price of 99p.  To kick off the relentless publicity campaign for the book (I may exaggerate slightly) I’ll be appearing at Ellesmere Port library on Friday 9 November at 1.30pm.  Come and join us.  You can get more details from the library on 0151 337 4684.