Nergui on Kindle

Ah, now, this is good news.  The Nergui series is shortly to be made available in Kindle editions from those good people at Quercus.  The Shadow Walker, The Adversary and The Outcast will all be published on 15 May.

4 thoughts on “Nergui on Kindle

  1. Dear Mr Walters.
    Are you sure you know UB geography?
    Mongolian’s don’t worry about urinating on the street.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I don’t want to seem like I’m nagging, but …. how’s that next book in the (most enjoyable) Nergui series coming along? I ask after him every time I visit my favourite bookseller. Your fault, for creating such an engaging character in a fascinating country 🙂


    1. Hi Christine. Delighted to be nagged on that topic! The good news is that, with the latest of my Alex Walters books put to bed (and out in November), I’ve been able to get back to Nergui. The fourth book is now well on the way to completion, and I hope to have some news on publication before too long. Hope it proves worth the wait! And thanks for the kind words!

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