Now where was I…?

Hello.  Anyone there? Quite probably not, given how long it is since I lasted posted on here.  Apologies for that – I’ve had a rather busy time over the last few months, not least trying to finish the sequel to Trust No One.  I’ve finally sent off the manuscript this week so finally have some time to think about other things.  First, just a quick update on Trust No One, which seems to be doing quite well and is now readily available from all good bookshops and even some supermarkets.  The book also spent a heady couple of weeks at the top of the iTunes book charts before Steve Jobs’s biography toppled it.  Well, fair enough, it was his chart, after all.

There’ve been some nice reviews from, amongst others, Keith B Walters (no relation, as far as I’m aware, honestly) on his Books and Writers blog, crimeficreader’s It’s a Crime blog, Maxine Clarke on Eurocrime, and Nick Quantrill in the Hull Daily Mail.  Many thanks, all, for the kind words.

Right, now I’m back, more posts to follow…

2 thoughts on “Now where was I…?

  1. First time wwriting to anyone.have been ssick and read your attention was in your limited bio on the back cover. how does a man become a management consultant crossworld in environments ranging from parliaments to prison that sounds intriguing… c.bowman environments

  2. Thanka for the comment, Chuck. The consultancy background is a long story. Essentially, I do work in a fairly specialised field and, initially more by accident than design, I’ve ended up doing a lot of work in the criminal justice field (police, prisons, probation etc), which, as you can imagine, is useful for gathering background information and ideas. But I’ve also carried out similar work in various Parliamentary contexts (in the UK, I’ve worked for the House of Commons, as well as for the Scottish Parliament and the Northern Ireland Assembly over the years) as well as for various international bodies. Not much directly to do with the writing – but a good source of inspiration at times!

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