‘Trust No One’ arrives…

Apologies – I’ve been very quiet on here lately.  A combination of a holiday without internet access (somehow I coped…) and trying to keep rather too many plates in the air and balls spinning over the last few weeks.  Oh, yes, and trying to finish the sequel to ‘Trust No One’.

Speaking of which, the big news for me this week was the the first advance copies of ‘Trust No One’ arrived in the post.  After months of exchanging electronic drafts of the manuscript and then pdfs of the proofs and the cover, getting first sight of the actual physical book is always an exciting moment.  And particularly so in this case as the good people at Avon have really done a terrific job with the new book – great cover, beautifully produced and even an exclusive interview with the mysterious Alex Walters.  I’ll be very interested to find out all about him.

The book’s published on 1 September and should be available from all good bookshops, on-line retailers, the Kindle store and, all being well, some of your better supermarkets.

4 thoughts on “‘Trust No One’ arrives…

  1. Apologies for not replying to your kind comment before, Rhian – I tried to send a response from my phone while I was away over the last few days but the technology didn’t seem to be able to cope. Anyway, many thanks for the kind words – hope you enjoy the book when it arrives. First ‘real’ copy spotted in W H Smith’s today, so it’s definitely out there now!

  2. I now have it in my hands and am reading. (Not right now, obviously…) Do you have claws at the end of your human digits? Just wondering, as I am gripped already… 70 pages or so in now. Good bye weekend and hello again reading!

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