The Mongolian edition…

I posted recently about the exciting news that, thanks to the effort and enterprise of the translator, Tsatsral Baatar, a Mongolian edition of The Shadow Walker was due for publication.  Well, it’s now appeared and Tsatsral has been good enough to forward me a copy all the way from Ulaan Bataar.  Tsatsral has been responsible not only for translating the book, but also for overseeing its publication, and she’s done an absolutely terrific job.  It’s beautifully produced and I hope will look suitably enticing in the bookshops of Ulaan Bataar.  All I can do is to thank Tsatsral and wish her every success with the publication.

4 thoughts on “The Mongolian edition…

  1. Good luck with this! I hope you’ll be posting your Mongolian reviews, if your translator has enough energy left after finishing the novel.

    I expect you’re quite bored with being asked the same old questions, but having only just found your blog I dont know if you’ve told whether there any more Nergui stories on the horizon? I got so caught up with the characters (sign of great writing!) that I feel like I’m missing out on news of old friends


  2. Many thanks, Janet, and for your very kind words about the books. Apologies for the slight delay in replying – I’ve just returned from a few days without internet access so catching up with everything. The news on Nergui is that I have a fourth book half-written which I hope will see the light of day in due course though I’m not yet sure when. I’ve been deflected by working on the second book in my new series (first book, ‘Trust No One’ out in September in the UK under the semi-pseudonym Alex Walters), but I hope to get back to Mongolia before too long. Thanks again for getting in touch and for the generous comments.

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