The Shadow Walker returns to Mongolia…

Well, here’s some exciting news.  A few months ago, I was contacted by Tsatsral Baatar, a writer and translator based in Ulaan Bataar.  Tsatsral had been in touch with me previously, a couple of years ago, to conduct an e-mail interview with me for a Mongolian newspaper.  In the intervening period, she had completed an MA in English at Delhi University and now was building a career as a literary translator.  She had also had an opportunity to read The Shadow Walker in English and was now seeking my agreement to translate the book into Mongolian.  She commented, interestingly, that although the book was originally published in 2006, many of its themes seemed even more topical today.

You won’t be surprised to hear that I gave permission pretty much straightaway.  The outcome of all this is that Tsatsral has now completed the translation and the book is due to be published in Mongolia in the next few weeks.   I’m delighted to find that, as an outsider writing about a very different country and its culture, I didn’t get it completely wrong!  Tsatsral has promised to send over a copy of the book – I can’t wait to see it.  In the meantime, I wish her every success with the publication.


What were your thoughts while rotating?

I haven’t posted about Mongolia for a while, so I thought I ought to draw your attention to the slightly startling news that ‘Mongolia’s Got Talent’ is now airing on television there.  Perhaps inevitably, the programme is given something of a Mongolian, um, spin.

On a more serious note, I was interested both by Madeleine Albright’s assessment of Mongolia as a ‘model nation’, and by this perhaps more disturbing story from the UB Post.  All Albright says, all democracies face challenges.