The cover she’ll be under…

My new book (or, at least, the new book by my mysterious alter ego Alex) is the first in a new series featuring undercover officer, Marie Donovan.  It’s out in September, and now those good people at Avon/Harper-Collins have sent me a first sighting of the rather splendid cover…


5 thoughts on “The cover she’ll be under…

  1. Michael, lovely to meet you at CrimeFest last weekend. I am just so sorry my fleeting attendance led to such short chats! Would have loved to have caught up with you over a longer period. I have made a note of your next novel and will be keeping an eye open for it. All the best, Rhian

  2. Hi Rhian – really sorry we didn’t get chance for a longer chat at Crimefest, but glad we managed to meet briefly at least. We’ll have to try again next year! All the best with your blogging and other endeavours.

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