Finally, the new book…

Okay, I gave you a little tease a couple of weeks ago about my forthcoming new book.  I’m now in a position to say a little more about it.  It’s called Trust No-One and will be published by Avon/Harper-Collins in September.  I’m publishing this one under my mysterious alter-ego, Alex Walters (Alex is much tougher than me.  I wouldn’t mess with him), and it’s the first in a new series about Marie Donovan, an undercover officer.  I’d not long completed my first draft when the subject of undercover officers suddenly became unexpectedly topical.  I’d like to say that Donovan doesn’t get involved in the same shenanigans as the real-life Mark Kennedy, but to some extent she does, albeit against a background of organised crime rather than environmental activism.  I’ll no doubt be troubling you with more details about the book in due course, but for any early adopters out there, you can already pre-order it here or here.

3 thoughts on “Finally, the new book…

  1. Thanks, Maxine. It’s rather different from the Nergui books, as you’d imagine, but I’ve tried again to make it as much about the characters and their relationships as about the ‘crime’ element. I enjoyed writing it, anyway, and hope people will enjoy reading it!

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