A tiny teaser

If there’s anyone who dips into this blog regularly, you may have noticed that there’s not been a lot of news about my own books lately.  Unfortunately, because of some serious family health problems, I had to put the writing on the back-burner for a little while.  However, I thought this might a good moment to announce that I’m just in the process of signing a deal for two books in a new series.  We’re still finalising some of the details, so for the moment I’ll just say that they’re crime thrillers, but something a little different from the Nergui books (although I hope that those who like Nergui will also like these.  And fans of Nergui shouldn’t despair, as I’ve also been working on a fourth Nergui book which I hope will see the light of day in due course).  The plan is that the first book in the new series will appear in September, so I’ll be providing more details before very long. Keep watching the skies.

4 thoughts on “A tiny teaser

  1. How exciting! I’m looking forward to reading more about the new series and of course about the next Nergui novel, which I hope also features some of the other series regulars. Also, I am sorry to read about the family health problems – there is a lot of it about just now but we have to keep as positive as possible.

  2. Thanks, Maxine. I’ll be posting some details of the new series soon – I’m not being deliberately mysterious (well, perhaps just a bit…) but we’re still finalising details of the title and so on. It may well also be published under a not-particularly opaque pseudonym. But more very soon. And, yes, the Nergui book-in-progress does include all the regulars and one or two new characters.

  3. Thats good news – but mostly I’ve really missed Nergui and want to know what happens to him next!

    Hope things are looking up within your family. Same over here. Sometimes you just have to put your own life on hold, don’t you.

    Best wishes


  4. Thanks for the kind words, Janet. You may be pleased to know that, having completed the two other books I’ve published as Alex Walters, I’ve now got back to the fourth Nergui book. Not sure when it will see the light of day, but I hope it will appear before too long! Thanks again for the comment.

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